About Alexandra.

As a dynamic writer and designer based out of San Francisco, a keen eye for aesthetics and knack for words shape my creative passions.


Born and raised just north of San Francisco, I grew up constantly craving the fast-paced energy and unapologetic spunk of city life, yet felt it was just out of reach. Binging music videos, saving striking photography on social media, and scouring Vogue's YouTube channel, I spent hours poring over careers drenched in dramatic appeal and glamour. I fell in love with artists daring, eccentric, and avant-garde. An early obsession with fashion and lifestyle media has sparked the curation of a personal aesthetic and eye for design which bolster my creative talents.


As a luxury-based writer, my passions extend to the digital world of social media, graphic design, and video production. With a double major in Communication and Global Studies and minor in Multimedia Writing from UC Santa Barbara, my work is informed by an interdisciplinary global perspective situated around diversity of culture, environment, and media. Major topics of interest include fashion, sustainability, art, lifestyle, beauty, travel, and fine dining. I hope to further my career in the digital media space through experience in production, in addition to widening my print writing portfolio.


Several full-length features and editorial pieces published for 7 consecutive issues of Santa Barbara Life and Style Magazine, as well as digital blog posts for a total reach of 170,000 annual readers.


Experience working with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, Canva, Wordpress, and Instagram for social media design. Proficient in HTML and CSS coding for web development.

Social Media

Manages the @sblifeandstyle Instagram account, curating and posting luxury content to a following of 33k+. Increased profile reach by 41.2% and engagement by 11.6% during first month.


Striking, dynamic, quirky, daring, fearless, glamorous. Edgy elegance. Contrast and color play are musts in my design aesthetic.


Email: alexandracleee@gmail.com

Cell: (415) 637-1979